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The 60 Secrets Of Wealth

60 essential no-nonsense strategies and concepts for wealth builders, money ninjas
and moguls-to-be...

Are YOU ready to learn real "secret principles of wealth" that most will never know?

Let me guess... you've probably read other books or articles about wealth building. Most of them probably said something vacuous about “visualizing wealth” and some weird "laws of attraction"... right?

Well that might have sounded nice - for a while. But did it actually help?

This material is a little different. I've met and spent time with super-successful multimillionaires, poor people, self-made people who became vastly rich and stayed there, and rich people who lost it all. I've traveled the world, I've studied hard, and I've observed people very carefully over the course of time.... real people doing real things. Both people who live in mainstream society and people "outside the box". I've seen patterns, tactics and methods that lead some of these people to astounding wealth, and ones that lead to desperation and the pit of bankruptcy. I've observed the course of many people's lives over many years and witnessed how their actions and strategies bore them plentiful fruit... or took them to ruin. I've learned how money works – not at college – but “out in the trenches” doing real business with real money.

It took years of study, investigation and lessons learned for me to construct my 60 "secret formulas" - secrets of wealth. And I think that when you read them, you'll be as amazed as I was. The truth is often surprising. Read the formulas carefully and take them to heart as you observe the world around you.

This book offers ideas and tips for wealth builders - gathered from years of observation, experimentation and business enterprise. It's the deep stuff... “underground” information and inner strategies they won't teach you: Either because they don't know, can't explain, or aren't letting on. It's time to blow the lid off. Are you ready? Welcome to 60 Secrets of Wealth......

Alex Newman, California, USA - November 2009

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The 60 Secrets Of Wealth:

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What 60 Secrets Of Wealth is about:

This is a book about "inner wisdom" and strategy. It is about the true "mindset" of wealth and modus operandi of the incredible wealth accumulators that I have known and observed over the years - from both "old money" and "new money" backgrounds. It is a book about the philosophies of the wealthy - the true wisdom they have gathered since time immemorial, that assisted them in growing wealthy and powerful, and which I was fortunate enough to have passed on to me or to discover.

Their wisdom inspired me with incredible clarity, tenacious motivation and grand purpose, and it is my hope that the words in this short book will fill you with deep insights that will help you build your own foundations of strength, and help you create the very finest opportunities for yourself. It aims not only to help you build your own empire, but to hold on to it - and do so in a way that benefits all around you.

A book cannot do the work for you. Ultimately, a book can only help you find that which is already within you. It is you that is the flame, your dreams that are the fuel and, I hope, this book that will be the spark.

It was designed right from the start to be a "cult classic" - not to be the only book about wealth you own, but to complement your existing library. A book that will be by your side for years to come, rather than just until the next internet fad is over - or the next "Google Slap" has been dealt. No, this is not a book of short-term internet marketing techniques that crash-and-burn after a few weeks.

Also - this is not in any way, shape or form a book of "new age fluff". This book deconstructs flimsy new-age proverbs and replaces them with rock-solid, crystal clear concepts that aren't the least bit vague, or based on anything silly like "believing yourself rich". When you read it, I think you'll be bound to agree - 60 Secrets Of Wealth packs a powerful punch when it comes to demolishing falsehoods that surround money and that prevent many people from "getting airborne".

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60 Secrets Wealth - here is some of what you will get:

60 "bite-sized" stratagems squeezed into 100 solid pages of powerful information! Read the whole book in one go, print out your favorite sections, or open it at random when you're looking for inspiration.

A section delineating different kinds of knowledge that are almost always required for success in any given field. (Those who don't have all these "aces" can be seen to have a much harder time being successful!)

A section about the "psychology" of the rich and about how better to distinguish real wealth from the illusion of wealth.

A section about what it almost always takes to create overnight success. (Hint - it's probably not what you think.)

A section on why greed is actually counterproductive in generating wealth, and on how most people who "chase after wealth" might actually be doing the very opposite of what they need to be doing to achieve runaway success.

A section about how to "overcome the illusion of scarcity" and see opportunity everywhere.

A section about an absolutely critical thing to consider before going into business "doing the thing you love".

A section on the subject of competitive advantage - and a list of the types of "winning hands" that lead to the greatest possible competitive advantages.

A section about something that almost always happens to people who get "sudden wealth".

A section about what it really means to be "attractive to wealth". (Hint - this is not at all based on new-age ideas, but upon pure strategy and action).

A section about the commonest causes of loss, with ideas and concepts that may help you to avoid them.

A section about business systems, about why it's important to get the "model" right first - and about how many people who seek investment, go about things in the wrong order.

A full section with some fantastic ideas for how to protect your wealth - including how to recognize, and keep it away from, the "sharks" who attempt to take advantage of people with money.

A section on the subject of "OPM" - Other People's Money - and on why your choices can be the factor that decides whether it becomes a dream come true or a nightmare. Can you tell an Angel from an "Angel in Disguise"?

A section on the power of teamwork, on why alliances are so powerful and on ways to inspire the best "team play".

A section on risk management, and on whether risk and gain are inextricably linked.

And much more besides!

60 Secrets Of Wealth is available right now in digital PDF format, for instant download at only $19.95 - and your investment is backed by's 60-day full money back return policy.

Are you ready to take your understanding of the way wealth works to the next level?

secrets of wealthy - buy now!
buy secrets of the rich PDF now!

• 60 Secrets Of Wealth is in PDF format. PDFs can be viewed using Adobe Reader (free software - Mac or PC), Apple's "Preview" for OSX (highly recommended), and several other softwares.

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Still undecided?

There's no way I can know what situation you are in right now. However, one thing I am certain of - I wish I had had the knowledge that I have now, when I started out in business years ago. It would have "shortened the curve" to success considerably - and I've poured everything I've learned about wealth into these pages.

I will willingly pay $100 per hour for consultation with someone who I consider to be an expert in something that is important for to me to increase my expertise in: It's worth it. $19.95 is a miniscule amount of money to pay for information that could possibly improve your future greatly. Are you really going to miss out on this information?

60 Secrets of Wealth is hosted by the reputable 's secure online sales system - and Clickbank has a full 60-day refund policy. Click here to order now!

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